A "Adega/Winery at Pico" is much more than a space for vinification and wine storage. It is the second house, the preferred living room, a space where no prejudices enter and leaves with a desire to stay.


INSULA ATLANTIS intends to offer its clients the experience of living in a "Adega” at Pico in a personalized and comfortable version, in the middle of the vineyards, next to the sea, where the volcanic origin of the island is felt, in spaces of conviviality and permanent contact with the vineyard and wine!

Adegas do Pico

Breathing pure air tempered by the sea breeze, in the quiet of nature sometimes interrupted by the song of the birds during the day and the cagarros at night.

Pico Island, Azores

Pico Island is the second largest island of the Azores Archipelago in the North Atlantic. It is 8.3 kilometers from Faial Island and 15 kilometers from São Jorge Island. It has a surface of 447 km ²; a coast line with 151.84 km long, a number of 31 islets between large and small. It has a resident population of 14 114 inhabitants (in 2011). It measures 42 km long by 20 km wide. [1]

It owes its name to a majestic volcanic mountain, the Pico Mountain, which culminates in a pronounced peak, “Pico Pequeno” ou “Piquinho” (small peak). This is the highest mountain in Portugal and the third largest mountain that emerges from the Atlantic, reaching 2,351 meters above sea level.

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